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Thruxton - still the fastest circuit in Britain. Rockingham isn't a circuit, it's a tub of concrete.
At this (very cool) circuit, we sit in the grandstand at Club Chicane. You can see the grid, the chequered flag and lights to the left, the chicane which sees much overtaking both successful and unsuccessful (crashes) and have a wide view of the circuit from Noble to Goodwood, and then from Village to the chicane.

There's not really any catch fencing to worry about, although the bit to the right of the Eagle Star grandstand tends to get in the way.

If you like to watch the racing from the comfort of your car, there's parking from
Allard to Campbell. I think we only did this once because the rain was curling up into the grandstands.
Thruxton - Fast and Smooth?
My advice is get there early- sometime around 7-8 am. This means you can park right up by the gate (not so far to walk at the end of the day) and you can find a good spot, or the best seats in the grandstand. Sure, it's an arse, but you'll find people start flooding in around 9-10, then massively around noon. You can also watch the antics of the various marshal and safety crews do their rounds- wayhey!
Camping? You must be nuts, mate. I don't even know whether there's a camp site, let alone what it's like. I've never heard of Thruxton having a two-dayer.
First, pack a rug. This is to insert between crevice and grandstand seat so you don't come away with something an Inuit could use to build his house- i.e. an ice-cube arse. Those grandstand seats are plenty much cold, and uncomfortable. So, if you're going to sit there, take a rug.

Next, a warm jacket because you'll find you're shaded for much of the day by the back wall of the grandstand. Brrrr.

Some binoculars. From club, you can see much of the track but it's a long way away. Take some 'noccies if you want to see who's leading at Goodwood in a Mini race, then who's leading at Church, then at Brooklands.... :o)

Can't think of anything.
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