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Silverstone- flat, featureless but fun.
The small grandstand at Abbeyor the inside/ outside of Copse are probably the better viewpoints. Sitting in the top row of Abbey grandstand, you can take pictures over the catch fencing. However, I normally stand in the raised platform at Luffield which is much more convenient (to walk to).

On Saturdays (like many circuits) you can stroll around the paddock for free, but if you want to get to the bigger boys (GT, Thoroughbred GP) it's sometimes difficult- they hide away in the garages. Cowards.

On Saturday, if you can (usually for small/ club events), park right behind the grandstands on the start straight rather than in the normal parking areas. It's not so far to walk.
I don't know why the organisers sometimes make the 50-100 people, who turn up for qualifying, walk from the car park to the track, when the one behind the grandstands is more convenient and they don't need to staff it.

Silverstone has a dedicated field available for camping. After the day's racing, exit the circuit gate and turn left (which may be the road you arrived on in the morning). About 100 yards down, turn left into the camp site gate. Go up the path towards the whizzers and turn into the left-hand field. This is the public camping site- the right-hand field is for marshals, etc.

We normally camp along the bottom hedge because it's warmer and affords protection from the wind when we're cooking our sossies. Unfortunately, it's the furthest point from the whizzers. But, fortunately, you're woken up the next morning by the marshals driving along the road on the other side of the hedge.

For security (and handy when you're caught short at 3am) there are floodlights which turn on at about 7pm - really, it depends on the light level I think.

HANDY INFO - I don't know about other circuits, but Silverstone has medical staff available all night. If you're feeling crap (unwell, not rummaging around in the brown stuff), my advice is to go see the security guard at the front gate and he'll call the medical centre. The medical dudes have an on-site ambulance, which is good. Nearest hospital is Northampton General, which is quite a way. Taxi fare back is about £15.

Don't ask how I know this ;-)
Oh Arse!

That's what you'll say if you don't take a mallet. It's fruitless trying to put tent pegs in without one. Stones and more stones. Take a generous supply of pegs, too, because I expect you'll knacker a few.

Binoculars - a pair of these allows you to view the 'scoreboard' (that tall black thing near the pit lane) so your lap chart will at least be slightly accurate.

A rug - most important if sitting in the grandstands. I've never known a colder, windswept place to sit (after Quarry at Castle Combe). Insert rug between arse and seat to avoid piles of piles.

Woolly gloves - important if you have any intention of writing results into your programme.

Can't think of anything.
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