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Donington is great for several reasons. Here's two: Craner Curves and Old Hairpin.
Sit on the bank at the Old Hairpin, but don't make too much noise- you might wake Andy up. He's usually snoozing on the grass on Saturday.

From here you can see the cars from
Redgate right round to Schwantz Curve, and then see their rooves as they thunder down Starkey's Straight.

On Saturday, go down to the paddock entrance and have a free stroll around the cars. You'll avoid both the crowds of Sunday and the people that go to be noticed or know a friend of a friend of someone in a team.

Besides, the competitors are always more cheerful on Saturday...before they've qualified :o)

For the best Sunday viewing, pay to park your car in
Starkey's Viewing Area. You can sit in your car if it rains; go down and sit on the bank; or sit in your car and let the wind that blows over the area cool you down when it's sunny. There's usually a burger van within 50 yards, and Starkey's Bar is above the bridge.

Just be sure not to turn up in a Land Rover or camper and park at the front.

No-one else can see!!!!

When I have time, dude.

We've camped at Donington many times. For some reason, my outstanding memory is of us camping in October and November and having to pack the tent away in frost and rain. Anyway...

If you're going to camp, don't think you will get a good night's sleep the first time. There are planes taking off and landing directly overhead day and night. After a couple of visits you might find you can tell what's shaking the tent at 3am.

The site you hoist your tent on is that smallish field near the Exhibition Centre. We usually camp near the top of the field (that nearest the access road) because it's not as cold as near the bottom hedge, it's near the whizzer so you don't have to walk far and you're woken up by the marshals arriving- important not to oversleep and miss qualifying!

Most important is to watch on both days- Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, paddock entry is free so you can stroll about aimlessly and take LOTS of piccies without people getting in the way. On Sunday, you can just watch the racing without needing to trek miles to the paddock.

Anyone who's run out of film by Old Hairpin (i.e. me) will know just how annoying it is having to walk to the paddock to buy some more. So take a least four films with you.

Rug or low chairs (fishing chairs are ideal) - the sloping banks of Donington aren't conducive to sitting on normal garden chairs. You're tipping forward all the time. Sitting low to the ground will help you sit more comfortably. If it's hot, lay on your rug, stick your rucksuck under your bonce and have a kip.

Large zoom lens and some stout legs - to capture anything worthwhile at Donington, you need to be prepared to walk and make use of any height you can get. Unfortunately, at Donington, height usually means you're walking up the bank away from the track. So a more powerful lens is required if every car isn't going to be a spot in the distance.
However, there are some places where height can be achieved without sacrificing distance- Starkey's Bridge for one.

Don't go camping in November!
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