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Let me count the reasons I like Combe- it's cool, it's very cool and it might just be cool.

For some reason, Castle Combe doesn't seem to be 'The Home' of anything, other than great racing and ideal photographic conditions.

The corners
Quarry, Tower and Camp are the best bets as long runs into tightish turns always produce a great deal of door rubbing action. Quarry is by far our favourite, a 2nd or 3rd gear corner after the blind brow of Avon Rise.

A particularly dramatic place to take piccies is just before Camp Corner looking up the grid. Many smoking starts and four wheel drifts can be captured perfectly from this vantage-point. If you want to take close-up pictures of the driver's faces and arm-twirling, a good place is standing on one of the banks along Farm Straight.

From April to June at Quarry, you may notice a few little brown things moving about by the marshals posts opposite and in the tyres on the outside of the corner. They're baby rabbits seemingly unconcerned by the racing.

If it's raining, and you're standing at Quarry, just take a look upwards. Then hear your brolly buzzing. Doesn't instill much confidence.

I'll do this when I have time.

Well... we've never camped at Combe. Don't need to- we live about 1 hour (driving in Andy's Mini) away. Sorry.

Chief item is a bloody warm jacket. Combe is freezing cold. And don't bank on going through a single day without finding clouds rolling in. The moment the sun is obscured, the wind comes across the middle.

Umbrella, to shield you from the cold wind

Two comfortable garden seats- there's no grandstands, and you'll get a numb bum if you sit on the ground. And probably a stone up your crevice.

Lots of film- Combe is ideal for photography. Note that if you stand the Quarry side of Combe, the sun will come straight into your eyes from about 4 o'clock onwards.

Money- there's usually a charity collection, and you can't walk past the St. Johns Ambulance hut without giving something. If you do, you should be ashamed.

Pepsi, and lots of it. Combe gives you an almighty thirst- maybe it's the close racing or the wind.
Don't park a TVR at Quarry - a certain person with a camera will be drooling all over it

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